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Basketball club Rogaska donated Lana Sket attending camp

On 13 April 2017, in the sports hall Rogaska Slatina held the sixth round of the national championship, the Liga champions for the Rogaska and Zlatorog Lasko.

Before the start of the competition the President of the basketball club Rogaska Kristijan Novak, to the great surprise Lana Sket handed over a check for participation in the II. International basketball camp Miha Zupan, to be held from 25.6. to 1.7. 2017 in Kranjska Gora – Slovenia.

Web link, welcome to visit: VIDEO

Basketball Club Rogaska declare our congratulations for the nice gesture done.


Translation of video statements reporter:

President of basketball club Rogaska Kristijan Novak,
Lana Sket a check for Participation

at II. International basketball camp Miha Zupan.

Lana Sket adopted basketball here in Rogaska Slatina,
and in spite of his deafness very motivated to train

and is a very good girl.

It is now the basketball club Rogaska
came to the rescue and will Lana Sket,

It can be trained in Miha Zupan in his camp.

Yes very nice looking,
Beautiful move the Club from Rogaska.