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Deaf stand up John Smith comes in Slovenia

Within the project, the international basketball camp Miha Zupan 2017 will come to Slovenia one of the most internationally renowned deaf comedians stand up John Smith.

If you want to visit and see his performance, we are welcome on Wednesday 28 June 2017 starting at 19:00.

Ljudski dom Kranjska Gora, Borovška cesta 81, Kranjska Gora, Slovenia.
Google map – click here

€ 10.00 per person.
Children up to 7 years have free entry.
(Requires prior registration for seat reservation)
The prices include VAT.

How to get tickets?
Tickets can be purchased in two ways.
Method 1
Visit store MajaZupan, Stari trg 16, Ljubljana, http://majazupan.com/
Method 2
Send the order by e-mail at camp@zumo.one and we will send you an invoice.

Important notice:
At the very arena Ljudski dom Kranjska Gora we do not have cash registers and the need to buy a ticket on the above-mentioned protocol.

The event will take place in the international sign language, provided the Slovenian language version.
Organizer of the event: ZUMOONE d.o.o.

View video clipan invitation to stand up performance in Kranjska Gora


Who is John Smith?
Born in Newcastle, John became Deaf at the age of 3 and half after contracting meningitis.

John Smith is a profoundly Deaf BSL user. Following on from his hugely successful, first stand up appearance late in 2005, John has moved into bigger and bigger audiences, entertaining in Deaf clubs and theatres countrywide and across Europe . Using his experiences of growing up Deaf in a hearing world John brings his observations to life, engaging his audience in hours of laughter and reflection.

Covering topics such as Current Deaf issues, Deaf politics and school life, John offers an amusing and fascinating insight into being Deaf and the world of British Sign Language.

He has been on TV programmes such as BBCs See Hear, Irelands afternoon television show RTE, Doctors BBC 1 (Actor Supporting Role) and had many recorded interviews.

He has also had many interviews for newspapers, The Guardian being his most recent. All have been very positive about his acts.

You can view the many Deaf film productions John has also appeared in and you can also buy his DVDs from this website.

Source: http://www.beautifulbsl.co.uk/