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In this year 2017, we will organize the second and third Miha Zupan basketball camp, which will be held in Kranjska Gora (Slovenia).


– First date: June 25 to July 1 (for children aged 8 to 17 years) – SOLD OUT

– Second dates: July 30 to August 5 (for youngster from 18 years onwards) – CANCELED

Camp will be led by world famous professional deaf basketball player Miha Zupan, who currently plays in Turkish for the team called club Afyonkarahisar (Afyon).

Kids will practice, learn and improve basketball skills twice a day under Miha’s and other coaches’ supervision. Practices will be planned in advanced and adjusted to kids’ basketball knowledge. Anyone who wishes to attend can participate, whether it is already a skilled basketball player or completely new to this sport. We welcome deaf, hard of hearing and hearing kids to the camp, as they will be introduced also to world of deaf where people use sign language to communicate between each other. As not everyone knows sign language we will teach it through different games by our skilled staff. We believe there won’t be any problems with communication as basketball is not just physical but also abstract sport, and we are sure we will perfectly understand each other.

Miha Zupan will not only transfer his knowledge and the love to the basketball to our younger generations but also help them to learn more about healthy lifestyle. In 2015 Miha received an award called “Apple of Inspiration” from Slovenian president Borut Pahor. He received the award for showing throughout his basketball career selflessness, commitment, honesty and generosity.
Besides Miha care for the kids will be taken by basketball coaches, teachers and carefully chosen volunteers.

This is a great opportunity for the kids to meet Miha Zupan and his friends and at the same time improve their basketball skills and learn new interesting things, something to remember for their whole life. We are also expecting applications from other European countries which will make our camp a great multicultural environment for all our participants.


Besides regular basketball practices with Miha Zupan, kids will have several other activities which will contribute to their well-being.


  • Learning Slovenian and International sign language
  • Visiting one of Slovenian famous sights – excursion
  • Getting to know new sports
  • Playing funny games
  • Organizing a party for kids in hotel space
  • Daily extracurricular activities and games
  • Visit of one or more famous Slovenian sport athletes


Please, read the conditions carefully and fill in the application at the bottom of this page. In 48 hours you will receive a conformation email with additional payment instructions. For any further information please contact us via email camp@zumo.one.

Name and surname
Date of birth (dd.mm.llll)
Height participant (cm)
Health status:
Register for the camp Miha Zupan 2017
The presence of parents in the camp


With application to the camp you are agreeing with the following conditions:
1. Participants: the first dates for the boys and girls from 8 to 17 years of age and the second term for adolescents from 18 years onwards.
2. Participant should have a valid medical insurance.
3. Participant should not have any disease that jeopardizes his/her life or a disease that would aggravate by doing physical activity.
4. If participant has any allergies or special dietary requirements it should be reported to our camp staff prior to the beginning of the camp.
5. Participant can attend other activities beside basketball (swimming, sightseeing…).
6. If participant is a non-swimmer, he/she should report that to our camp staff prior to the beginning of the camp.
7. For any valuables that participant might bring to the camp is responsible on his/her own.
8. Basketball Camp Miha Zupan will not carry any responsibilities for potential injury of participant during the time of the camp.
9. Basketball Camp Miha Zupan is obliged to provide emergency medical help in case of disease or injury of any of participants.
10. Basketball Camp Miha Zupan is allowed to publish photos or videos of participants related to camp activities.
11. In the case of check-out 3 days before the basketball camp Miha Zupan, the administrative fee 45 EUR will be charged for the refund.
12. We expect from all participants that will respect others and follow the rules and advices of the camp and camp’s staff. If participant doesn’t comply with the camp’s rules we have the right to cancel participant’s attendance. In this case no refund will be given.


Price for a weekly program at basketball camp Miha Zupan:

First date: June 25 to July 1 (for children aged 8 to 17 years)
– Registration and payment until 8th of May 2017, 330 eur/participant
– Registration last check-in and payment until 8th of June 2017, 350 eur/participant

 Second dates: July 30 to August 5 (for youngster from 18 years onwards)
– Registration and payment until 8th of May 2017, 330 eur/youngster
– Registration last check-in and payment until 8th of June 2017, 350 eur/youngster

Price includes:
– 6 days all-inclusive stay in hotel Ramada Hotel & Suites Kranjska Gora****;
– Sport equipment (headband, basketball jersey, T-shirt) in permanent ownership
– 6 days of practices in an air-conditioned gym (2 times a day for 90 minutes); meals (5 times per day)
– 2 tickets for swimming in hotel’s pool
– Daily wash of sport equipment
– Use of conference room for meetings
– 4 times a day 0.5l of bottled water per person
– Tourist fee
– Family package (in case of two or more applicants from the same family we offer 20% discount to the second or next family member according to the time of application)


Head of Camp: Miha Zupan

Director: Sergeja Mord, ZUMOone, d. o. o.

Marketing, organization, PR: Bojan Mord, email: camp@zumo.one

Head Coach: Miha Zupan

Assistants: Damjan Šebjan, Peter Potočnik Hönigsman, Klemen Javornik, Luka Žabot, Maja Kuzma

Teachers: Tanja Sever, Maja Kuzma

Manager: Bojan Mord

Slovenian sign language interpreter: Tamara Grm

International sign interpreter: Maja Kuzma

Video and media: Classic TIPK TV  for deaf and hard of hearing, http://www.tipk.si



Participants will sleep in accommodation facilities of hotel Ramada Hotel & Suites Kranjska Gora****


Schedule and organization design, bulletin board at the scene.



  1. Where is basketball camp located?
    Basketball Camp Miha Zupan is located in Kranjska gora, Slovenia.
  2. What are the dates of basketball camp?
    Basketball Camp Miha Zupan will be carried out in 2017 (based on enrollment, the minimum requirement is a minimum of 25 participants) with the following conditions:
    – First date: June 25 to July 1 (for children aged 8 to 17 years), approval for the registration of the number of participants to announce the 9th June 2017
    – Second dates: July 30 to August 5 (for youngster from 18 years onwards), approval for the registration of the number of participants to announce the 9th June 2017
  3. Who can apply for basketball camp Miha Zupan?
    Boys and girls from 8 to 17 years of age for first dates, second dates, however, from 18 years onwards.
  4. Is there a limit of participants?
    Yes. The limit is 75.
  5. Do you need to have basketball skills?
    No. Anyone can participate. From beginners to more experienced basketball players.
  6. Do you need to know sign language?
    No. Anyone who will want to learn sign language will have the opportunity to do it in a fun way.
  7. Is there a refund given if participant injures or suddenly becomes sick prior they attend the camp?
    In the case of check-out 3 days before the basketball camp Miha Zupan will be charged € 45.00 for administrative costs refunded. We will give a full refund in case of sudden injury or sickness. However, we require doctor’s conformation. If injury or sickness happens during the camp, we will make proportional refund.